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Employees admit they would prefer part-time work

British workers may be in the grips of a long-hours culture, but new research has indicated that employees are far from happy about it.

In fact, according to a survey by a new online jobs service, more than half of full-time working adults said they would work part-time hours if they could afford to.

The study of approximately 900 full-time workers in London and the midlands revealed that 54 per cent of all adults would prefer part-time hours, rising to 59 per cent for women.

According to, the website that conducted the survey, the popularity of part-time work is growing.

More than 7.4 million UK employees currently work part-time, 78 per cent of which are female.

And with the government's recently affirmed commitment to promoting a work-life balance, this number is set to grow as more and more employers offer flexible work patterns for part-time job seekers.

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