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Meat factory expansion brings jobs

The expansion of a meat factory near Peterborough is expected to bring around 300 jobs to the area, according to new reports.

Recruitment is due to take place for the Woodhead Meat Bros factory in Pinchbeck when it doubles its size later in the year, the Evening Telegraph reports.

The firm intends to add more than 5,000 sq m to its facility, with the expansion of operations hoped to foster recruitment across a variety of roles.

An extra 20 office jobs, 260 industrial staff and 20 other jobs involved in the running of the plant are expected.

The factory is owned by Morrison and its expansion has been welcomed by local commentators.

Councillor Howard Johnson remarked: "I welcome this application and for this district to acquire 300 plus new jobs, many highly skilled, has to be applauded."

Meanwhile, Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson has reportedly become the latest public figure to support the Evening Telegraph's campaign, Save Our City Jobs.

The initiative was launched last week following an announcement from Lloyds TSB that it intended to close a local service centre, thereby cutting a potential 243 jobs.

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