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Lunchtime tipple returning to the office 28/10/2004 10:28:01
Concerns growing over employees going out for drinks during the working day
Lunchtime drinking is making a comeback in the workplace, as employment analysts point to signs of a shift in mentality among workers.

A survey from law consultants Peninsula suggests that office workers are going for a lunchtime drink at least three times a week.

Of those who do drink, nearly 60 per cent said they would have more than two drinks.

Mike Huss, a senior consultant with Peninsula, said the findings pointed to a resurgence in office socialising.

"Lunchtime drinking is something we thought we had seen the back of, but it appears the lunchtime drink is here to stay.

"We were getting information that suggested there was a problem with drinking at lunchtime," he added. "The survey came up with figures which quite frankly astonished us."

Peninsula deals with 6,000 calls for advice a week from firms, with the study canvassing the opinion of more than 1,000 workers.

The news is likely to be taken as assign of a shift in emphasis on the work-life balance, but will also alarm those who point to lost productivity as a result of drink.

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