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Job websites (your premium online recruitment resource) has grown into one of the Internets largest and most comprehensive job websites. We strive to supply companies with the most experienced and well-screened candidates on the job market.

For this reason we ask you to consider the following points before making an application:

  • Follow the instructions given in relation to each vacancy properly; ensure you provide accurate information about yourself and your experience.
  • Make sure that you know what the closing date for entries are.
  • All information you provide is treated with secrecy and confidence. The questions that you are asked to answer are for screening purposes only.
  • Try not to copy others details as this will not add anything to your credibility. If you are unsure of any questions we will be more than happy to help you - please email
  • Job sharing or other arrangements to help with personal circumstances may be available. If you are interested please make enquiries when you apply.
  • If you have a disability reasonable adaptations may be made to any of the jobs on this job website in order to allow you to undertake them. If you have a disability please discuss the situation with one of our friendly staff and we will instruct you - please email


We get frequent questions from our jobseekers involving training and entry-level vacancies. As you will see by browsing the Internet there aren't too many job websites that offer this service. Take a look at our advanced search function and you may find what you are looking for.


Should you not get the information today don't lose hope. You can subscribe to our newsletter and receive up to the hour notification on all posted jobs that suit your criteria.


We are one of the only job websites with a training section. Browse through our website and gain information on what skills are required to get the job that you want. For many jobs, particularly those in administration and management, computer skills are vital. Just as you need to own a driving license before being allowed to drive a car, in just the same way, having a certificate in computer literacy can be an advantage. Should you need to brush up on your computer skills, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will point you in the right direction or give you a list of all the job websites that you can look at.


A training certificate in your chosen field could have the following benefits:

  • Allow you to gain accreditation for the skills you may already have
  • Help raise your levels of competency, therefore increasing your salary or benefits
  • Help improve your productivity
  • Increase your job satisfaction and confidence
  • Improve your job prospects (think about that promotion or job change you would like)


So what you are waiting for? Upload your CV today on the job website and reap the rewards you deserve from your job website.




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