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Specialist Engineering Services Ltd (SES) was founded in 1997 to provide ngineering support and specialist skills to the Mining and Civil Engineering industries. However the recent decline in coal mining activity generated a manpower resource which was identified as having the potential to fill some of the skills shortages on the railway infrastructure. It was noted that there was a degree of commonality in the work (operating in a hazardous environment, long arduous shifts, a high degree of mechanisation and an ingrained safety culture) and SES operatives rapidly gained a reputation for hard work and commitment in infrastructure operations.

Our primary involvement in rail operations is focused around the deployment of small, self-contained gangs to maintenance or renewals work on Network Rail controlled infrastructure. These teams are organised and directed on site by the Team Supervisor, who is the interface with the Client and has responsibility for ensuring that safety, statutory and Client requirements are fulfilled.

Specialist Engineering Services teams also supervise and operate the Rail Recovery and Delivery Trains (RRDT) and operate the Sleeper Delivery Trains (Slingers), Long Weld Trains and the Ballast Cleaners. Specialist Engineering Services supply safety
critical staff up to Engineering Supervisor status plus skilled operatives with a wide
range of machine competencies.

SES are also able to offer technical support in Railway renewals at Technical Officer (TO) level and above. The management team is highly motivated and possesses a diverse range of experience and expertise in primary and manufacturing industries and have the capability to both manage large projects and offer innovative solutions to Clients' problems.

In addition to our Railway Infrastructure capability, Specialist Engineering Services also supplies engineering staff and track operatives to the London Underground for the overhaul of rolling stock and remediation of the track. Our Rail and London Underground operations are accredited to ISO 9001:2000 and Specialist Engineering Services is a Link-Up qualified company approved to perform works within the product groups listed below:

- Supply of on-track labour
- Permanent way: Removal & disposal of materials
- Plant Operators
- Supply of on track protection and warning staff
- Tunnelling Contractors
- Repair, refurbishment, modification and overhaul of T&RS-Electrical Multiple Units (EMU's)
- Disposal of: Ferrous scrap/non-ferrous scrap/PCB contaminated electrical equipment
- Scientific services: Environmental Management / Monitoring / Technical Support
- Non-track welding
- Temporary labour agencies
- Land Clearance Specialist Contractors
- Land and Estate Surveyors
- Permanent way Surveyors
- Off track weedkilling
- Tree felling and scrub clearance
- Fencing (Lineside work)
- Graffiti removal
- Track Litter removal

Specialist Engineering Services is also the preferred sponsor for the Government backed Selby Coalfield Regeneration Scheme for the retraining of former mineworkers for rail
infrastructure work.


SES forms part of SES-Holdings PLC which has business interests in:

- Rail infrastructure maintenance and renewals
- Refurbishment of EMU's for London Underground
- Remediation of track for London Underground
- Coal and Mineral Mining in the UK and overseas
- Construction
- Large plant refurbishment and sales
- TEi
- Electrical Engineering services
- Waste Management
- The Company has shown continuous improvement in Occupational Health and Safety year on year.
- Annual turnover (for SES-Holdings) projected at £35 million for 2005
- SES-Holdings has a current workforce of 700 operatives and staff, of which 150 are employed by SES Ltd
- SES Ltd. is dedicated to re-training and investment in the workforce
- SES Ltd. is Quality Assured to ISO 9001:2000
- As a Company, our main focus is to meet Client expectations in terms of safety, efficiency and price

* TEi is wholly owned by SES-Holdings and supplies specialist energy, process and manufacturing expertise in to the power generation, chemical and offshore energy industries. TEi offers Thermal design, Specialist welding, and Metallurgical Laboratory services in addition to Engineering Design Services.


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