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MSC Cruises welcomes you on board

We recruit workers willing to work on travelling cruise ships. Travel, magic, escape, relaxation.the pleasure of cruising with the most modern and luxurious fleet in the world.
We pride ourselves on style, exceptional comfort, warm hospitality and strong environmental credentials. The journey is the destination.

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“I did an English and American Literature degree which was a huge help for my job in terms of giving me huge amounts of writing and fact finding experience as well as working to deadlines and honing my individual writing style. I also wrote articles for my uni newspaper which was great journalism experience in terms of pitching an idea, writing to a certain length and knowing how to appeal to the right audience. “My name is Emma Daly and I’m a Writer/Researcher for┬áRadioTime
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PeterGlover - IMAGE Today #EmployersJobs spoke to #MarketResearch #Expert Peter Glover. Across
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