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Donovan Green
Note to employer

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to you regarding the Advertised position which is currently on your demonstrates a history of determination and a will to succeed.

I am keen to work in an environment such as yours, where I am able to fully utilise my skills and experience to further both the aims of the organisation and my own ambitions.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yours sincerely

I Was Formally a Sale's Executive my main duties are listed on my C.V. I know that your organisation is at the forefront of change in technology and innovation a
My ideal job


Joe Skelly
Note to employer

I truly believe the statement:

''If You Hold Onto The Past - Your Hands Will Never Be Free to Grasp The Future''

In my 20 years experience I have worked with great success in the retail sector. From Antiquarian Books to Brown and White electrical Goods. I am an expert in the cost control of dealing with News and Magazines and have a very good attitude towards life, work, colleagues and superiors.

I am a person who thinks life is short - after all, we are going to be dead forever so we need to make the most of things now. I am looking to work in retail, admin,customer service, sales.
My ideal job

I would enjoy working in a smaller environment - say a site appx 8000 square feet. I have been used to Managing a unit with about 15 - 20 colleagues.

I would love to be able to sell and earn commission on top of an already decent salary. I would enjoy motivating my colleagues as individuals (hence the smaller group).

A complete new start in the care industry, administation (office based)

Omar Edelbi
Note to employer

A reliable and dependable individual with high personal standards and attention to detail. A hard worker who is seeking to learn and grow and who has a high sense of duty. A responsible individual who seeks new responsibilities irrespective of reward and recognition. A great team worker; adaptable and flexible.
My ideal job

- Secretary storage
- Data entry of checks, purchases, electricity and telephone bills on the computer system
- Printed account statements to customers and suppliers
- Controlled bank sheets each month
- Received and verified checks
- Controlled money and receipts of branches
- Ascertained vendor accounts for the issuance of checks, as they are termed
- Issued invoices
- Checked funds
- Printed bonds
- Calculated commission for salesman and handed it to them

Note to employer

I have over 20 years experience in customer facing roles, including receptionist, beauty account manager and clerical roles. I am looking to return to a receptionist/admin role, ideally for a fashion or cosmetic/perfume house, based in their London head office. I am well spoken, very well presented, and have an excellent telephone manner and communication skills. I am an accurate typist with approximately 38 WPM. I can represent any company to a very high standard. I would very much like companies to meet me, because even though I am not a graduate, I have alot to offer any employer.
My ideal job

A receptionist/admin role within a major fashion or cosmetic/perfume house, based in their London head office. I would obviously consider the same role within any type of business.

zoe gibson
Note to employer

Mature 25 year old girl looking for full time employment in the travel trade or leisure trade. Currently working for Thomas Cook and have done for 4 years. Spending my first 2 years in the shop gaining the experience of working face to face with customers daily, dealing with enquiries etc etc. Then wanted to expand career within Thomas Cook and decided to take next step and work overseas. Worked Spain , Greece , Cyprus and Turkey , more recently in my last season was a team leader. Im now home in the Uk and looking for a different challenge within the travel and leisure industry.
My ideal job

My ideal job is preferably in travel as that is what I do best. However I have been to college and have a sports health and fitness certificate, so would also like to get back into that if there was nothing in travel/ I have worked overseas and in the agencys with Thomas Cook now for 4 years and am looking for a new challenge and a full time carreer.

Shalu Mehra
Note to employer

I've had many years of professional work experience of managing positions of varied responsibilities in the Hospitality, Customer service, HR-recruitment & training sectors.

In my last professional assignment in India, I used to work for a leading multinational company as Assistant Vice President- HR(Hiring & Training).

My ideal job

mark mcguinness
Note to employer

i am a hardworking 17 year old had a bit of experience in costomer service. completed a 1 year college course in construction and got my level 1. also got my level 1 (equivalent to D) in maths english and I.T. at the moment i am jst looking for abit of work because i need a job.
My ideal job

my ideal job is any job really.

Robert Kochaniak
Note to employer

Dear Sirs !

My background mechanization engineer and work as an salesmen/customs operation (3 years) than my private business (6 years) and later since 1999, in international English company (6 years) gave me wide range of experience in importing & selling chemicals for screen printing technology. I’ve experience in innovative ventilation systems for production plants, experience in ceramic tail production with all polish manufactures as well as, too glass industry, CD & DVD production as well as narrow web printing, solving marketing aspects of the business as well as participate and pre
My ideal job

victoria ulett
Note to employer

I am a graduate of criminology and am currently volunteering with a female offender group (Women MATTA) to gain some more experience in the area. For the past two years, I have been taking some time out to travel due to a lack of opportunity in the public sector, however, I am firmly settled back in Manchester with a view to become employed in an area related to my degree by the end of this year. I am mostly interested in working with offenders concerning rehabilitation, offender management, or case work.
My ideal job

I have always wanted to work with offenders; be it Youth Offending Team, public sector management, case worker, project worker, government initiatives, Offending Board, criminal psychology, probation work, prison service, criminal secretary, criminal law PA, or type of offender therapy. An opportunity to commence a career in the public sector is something that would shape the working future I have studied and hoped for.

Suzanne Watson
Note to employer

A versatile and creative designer with a wealth of experience in Architecture, Interior Design and Landscaping. Skilled in the effective interpretation and realisation of individual clients design aspirations. Quality craftsmanship in wood, metal, stone and brick is assured and with an in depth knowledge of the 'History of Design', Suzanne Watson produces refined individually tailored solutions.

Client Natural approach, attentive to client's ideas and design brief, complimented by outstanding negotiating expertise.

Design Twenty years experience of 'space planning', interiors, conser
My ideal job

Sales representative for a national company in the construction/design field.

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